A Studio!

by thevelvetletter

I’ve been rather busy with a very exciting project – creating a dedicated sewing room! I’ve been wanting one all my life, and the only reason I’m not vibrating like a happy bee is that it comes at a great cost to my partner.

The room has been Garth’s daughter’s room but his kids are moving to another city with their mom, and he is so sad. Being a practical person, he said we might as well use the space (he sews too – I work on his late mother’s amazing Frick sewing machine) but as you can imagine the process has been, and continues to be, emotional. 

The kids will obviously be around during holidays so Coral will still use the space then, but it still beats the hell out of having my projects spread out all over the lounge.

We painted the room white for practical light-diffusion reasons (well, I did the painting, but it was a joint decision) and I have some white linen curtains that came with me from my old house. I lifted up the drop-sheet and vacuumed last night, so this is what I have at the moment:


(Pic is taken from outside as that was the only way I could show the whole room.)

Am like a  pig in shit thinking about how to arrange the furniture. The room is small though, so there aren’t too many options. After a lifetime of temporary sewing spaces this small room feels like the epitome of luxury. I’m off to go and sit in it and think about furniture…