One Studious Cat

by thevelvetletter

I’ve been a bit erratic in my posting since I started this blog and felt I should give a quick snapshot of my various activities. I would so hate for you to pine away for lack of new posts…

As some of you will know I went back to university this year to do my honours (didn’t have enough honour before) which has been wildly stressful. I am constantly wrestling my anxiety levels and really struggle to concentrate on the academic writing – I’ve spent so much time procrastinating that I was really worried about finishing the course.

The solution seems to be to take myself off to my great aunt and uncle’s house where I sit in the rondavel and work – with no laundry, books, internet or lovely lovely corsets to distract me.

Benjamin and Claude, two elderly cats, are kind enough to tolerate my presence and are my constant companions. Claude is a bit huffy and tends to skulk off if I get to close, but Benjamin is very curious and likes to come and walk on my keyboard and say hello. Sadly his typing leaves much to be desired, but his enthusiasm is appreciated.

The other day I was taking a break and sketching some corsets (got to practice as I haven’t really drawn much more than stick figures in the last five years), and Benji was even more interested in the sketches that in my typing. Here he is inspecting my work:


After a few sniffs he decided to sit on the book, which I’m taking as a compliment.


Support is a fine thing, from cats as well as family;)

My thesis is due on the 25th of October (ermagerd!) and I’ll be around much more after that – I’m looking forward to showing you all the interesting things I’ve been making in my breaks. Think ribbon corsets, shweshwe print and Dita Von Teese level bling!

See you on the other side,

x a