On My Desk

by thevelvetletter

This is the first of what I hope to make a series of posts documenting the various projects migrating across my desk. Below is a sneaky peek at the pieces I’m focusing on right now:


Many of these are toiles – mock ups made to refine a pattern before cutting the ‘real’ fabric – in different stages, but some finished work appearing too;)

From left to right the projects are:

Cut out pieces for a Victorian mannequin – not full scale as yet because I want to test the pattern’s proportions without wasting too much fabric.

Cropped Victorian-inspired bolero jacket ready for fitting with the lovely Scarlit Hearts – to go with an existing costume.

Final corset toile for me! Will be simple black coutil for use on stage as I desperately need a corset that my boobs don’t spill out of;)

A sample I made testing out the pattern for this antique ribbon corset:


A very interesting idea which I will come back to some time – fiddly but very striking. This sample has been snapped up by Scarlit, but I still need to finish setting the eyelits.

Next, second toile for a friend and client – very long line. Will post more pics as it progresses…

Finished spats for Scarlit’s pink/purple costume. They lace up the back which I think is just darling (read that last bit in a heavy southern accent please).

And finally, the first toile of this corset, which actually makes me drool with desire:


Both this and the ribbon corset come from Jill Salen’s fascinating book Corsets which is filled with tempting projects. 



I highly recommend having a look at this book – even if you don’t sew there are pretty pictures and interesting facts about the antique corsets it contains.

Right, now I think I shall take myself off to the sewing machine. Am itching to get on with that mannequin…