Aaaand, GO!

by thevelvetletter

Well January is off to a feisty start!

I have four private commissions on the go and possibly another one signing up this month (although that won’t need to be finished until sometime in Feb/Mar). And an article to write for Foundations Revealed which involves learning a new skill – fun but daunting and time-consuming. And on top of all this I realised that the entries for this year’s Foundations Revealed corset competition are due in under a month, and I haven’t started mine yet. Eek!

I decided to go for it with my FR corset and recruited a friend through Facebook who can come to me for lots of fittings in the next week. I’ll post progress pics, but here is a pic of the historical corset that I will be working from:

1913 E.F. Hume corset patent

1913 E.F. Hume corset patent

Sometimes I pile too much on my plate and end up feeling like I’m not doing any of it justice… but I also get far more done when I am busy and working to deadlines. One of my personal challenges is learning to get the balance right in this little See-Saw… lets see if I’ve gotten it right this time!

On that note, I think it’s time to get to work. Chat later;)