New, shiny and…. a little scary?

by thevelvetletter

Over the last few days I have been researching local expos and fairs, looking for one or two that feel right for my business and will help me take it in the right direction.

After abut a million emails – so many questions, so many forms to sign! – I am signed up for the FAB Bridal Expo, on the 28th and 29th of March. Here is the official badge they sent me to use in my emails etc:


I picked this expo over a couple of others as I really liked the amount of info on their website. Really detailed information about who their target audience is, and how they reach that audience, which was both inspiring and comforting business-wise.

So now I have to prep a stand and run up a few extra corsets to have available for sale… with so much other work in the pipeline I feel some serious list-making coming on!

Am feeling nervous and excited. It is nerve-wracking putting myself out there in such a decided way, but I am feeling really motivated to drive the business forwards this year. I feel like last year I spent too much time sitting on the fence, so, onwards and upwards!

“Faint heart never won fair lady…”