After Dark

by thevelvetletter

After Dark is a playful photo-story featuring the Hartman long-line corset – a historically inspired show-piece created for the annual Foundations Revealed corset competition.

I’ve been wanting to play around with the old Polaroid aesthetic and this corset, worn by my lovely fitting model Zee , seemed like a great vehicle. Zee’s attitude suited the grungy style, and we had great fun shooting this in my yard, after dark.

This story is about nostalgia and impermanence and fragility. About our hopeless attempts to contain the passing moments, and about the strange and contradictory power of femininity.

The poem quoted bellow is The Night will Never Stay by Eleanor Farjeon, which is part of an illustrated children’s poetry anthology that my mother read to me as a child.

After Dark02_1

The night will never stay, the night will still go by

After Dark02_2

After Dark02_3

Though with a million stars, you pin it to the sky

After Dark02_4

After Dark02_5

Though you bind it with the blowing wind, and buckle it with the moon

After Dark02_6

After Dark02_7

After Dark02_8

The night will slip away, like sorrow or a tune.

After Dark02_9