by thevelvetletter

As some of you will know I am in the final throws of getting my website up and running, which has proven to be one of the most difficult thinks I have had to do for my business to date. I have been working on it in one form or another for over a year, and I’ve been beating myself up about the delay the whole time.

I find that inward cursing isn’t productive – it just makes me procrastinate a bit more. But I have tried to keep chipping away, doing little things, and they are finally adding up to a pleasing whole… with the help of some very skilled and generous people.

One of these lovely people said a very wonderful thing to me this week, which has completely changed my perspective on my website odyssey.

Sarah, when running a professional eye over my fledgling copy, casually said that everyone thinks a website is something you just need to do, to get out there, a formality. But it’s not. Your website is a distillation of everything that you do. It needs to encompass every facet of your business and communicate all this to your audience in a highly compressed form. You have a few seconds to convey the heart and soul of what you do…

No wonder it is so fiendishly difficult!

I suddenly feel free of the need to criticize myself for my perceived shortcomings, and I can already feel the positive knock-on effect this is having on my work. Less avoiding something I feel I am doing badly, and more slow-but-steady progress in a difficult process.

Thank you Sarah – words really can change the world.