10529639_534549763339737_1386153545_n At The Velvet Letter we create corsets and gowns using traditional European couture-sewing and corset making techniques. Each of our garments are one-of-a-kind and through exquisite craftsmanship we create wearable works of art.

With a rare understanding of this age-old tradition of garment construction, each dress is uniquely crafted and perfectly fitted to its owner.   We work with the finest fabrics to create modern heirlooms – garments that unite old-world skills with contemporary aesthetics. Our exclusive service ushers clients through a commission process, to materialise their dream dress.

From the first design meeting to the delivery of the completed garment we work closely with the client on all elements of design.

The Velvet Letter provides elegant and comfortable settings for all design meetings and fittings.

About the Process

We create a beautiful experience for our clients, introducing them to a world of luxury, refinement and glamour…taking them back to an era of opulence.

Our commissions require a number of fittings in order to perfect the shape of the garments which can take twelve weeks or longer. Bridal ensembles should be commissioned a year in advance.

The Velvet Letter’s clients are individuals who appreciate superior fit and comfort, and delight in wearing something truly unique.

About the founder

The Velvet Letter was founded by Anya Kovacs in 2013.

Anya is scholar of Art Photography and Gender Studies who expresses her thoughts on the cultural symbolism of women’s bodies through her sculptured and glamorous garments.

She discovered her love of design as a young child in her grandmother’s sewing room, and has been making wonderful creations ever since. Motivated buy a love of opulence and old-fashioned glamour, Anya creates striking corsets and gowns by fusing diverse techniques such as fine embroidery, moulange and silversmithing.

Anya loves colour and texture, and is excited by the challenge of constructing elegant garments for a wide variety of body types.  She is currently one of three corset makers in South Africa.